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The way you desire to fullfil PLAYFUL FETISH BONDAGE  really depends on the individuals involved, always involve your sexual partner in full communication to your sexual fantasy.  Whether you use a direct approach or a slower subtle approach, your chances of getting what you ask for are much greater if you are respectful.

Dr. Laura Berman's Shades of Purple Playroom Kit. Create a variety of erotic and sensual
experiences with your partners, either on your own, or duplicate a scene from a popular
steamy novel. This kit is the perfect assortment of pleasure enhancing products to
introduce light bondage, discipline, submission, and restraint into the bedroom as part of sexual play.

The kit includes: mask (to heighten senses), cuffs(trust your partner), feather tickler(awaken senses),
and weighted orgasm balls with designer pouch (strengthen kegels, and hold in place on command).
Cotton (mask) Polyester (straps) Iron (cuffs, keys) 50% Acrylic, 50% Polyester (faux fur lining)
Turkey Feathers (accents) Phthalate-Free PVC (stick)
Stainless Steel (orgasm balls). 1"/2.5 cm (diameter balls).


 KINK LAB Neon Wand

 Make the sparks fly! The Neon Wand from
 Kinklab is a visually stunning way to
 stimulate your senses!
 With its gorgeous, glowing glass
 attachments and its unique ability
 to literally make sparks fly from
 your fingertips, this instrument of 
 pleasure has an incredible repertoire
 of ways to discharge static electricity
 across the skin's surface, creating
 sensations that range from a warm
tingle to an attention getting, 
 a unique focused sting.
 Electric Stimulus is the new
 tingling sensation...
 at OVN, we have several unique
 systems to use, so come on in 
 and check out the new craze.
   cleck here for more kit info


OVN is excited to bring in a more advanced line of fetish fun... Rapture Novelties - The product lines includes high quality fetish stainless steel products such as cuffs, shackles, plugs, collars and unique stainless steel body wear.